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A RED-HOT buyers database!

 Owning a database of people who are proven buyers of products – and many customers spend over £1,000 with you – more or less guarantees a life of wealth and privilege.

     To build a substantial buyers list 
usually takes years of hard work and vast investment. And it’s worth it … trust me!

     Once you have a buyers list, you can promote any product you have to your list as often as you want.

     I know a millionaire with a 10,000 buyers list who makes over £20,000 per month simply sending sales material to his list on a fortnightly basis – and he doesn’t do any of the work!


     If you allow me, I am going to send you my personal customer database of my most-recent 5,000 buyers names for you to use to create a £3,400 PER WEEK income for you and your family.

     I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on the MOST VALUABLE piece of my million pound business in a moment, but first, let me share with you some of the ‘insider’ sales results that I’ve enjoyed over the years.

     I’ve built up a very valuable database of actual buyers of my numerous products. This database of most-recent buyers now stands at 5,000 customers. These 5,000 customers constantly buy my products, many buying more than five and spending over £1,000 each.

     Incredibly, from every mailing campaign that I undertake to my customer list, I know that I will receive between a 1% and 10% response rate.

     Just think about that for a moment. You mail 3,000 customers offering a product priced at £150.00 and 30 (the lowest response rate) people order it giving you a gross profit of £4,500.

     And this is not a one-off. You can do this every month, every fortnight or even every week – imagine how much you could make!

     I pay myself around £100,000 per year and have built up a £1.2million fortune all from this customer database.


  Here’s an example of how I use my customer list: 


1. I decide to mail a single sided A4 teaser letter/postcard directing people to my website for my 10 week mentor program priced at £97.00.  


2. I select 1,000 names of people from my customer list, the company I use charges me £320.00 for the mailing.  


3. I mail these 1,000 names the A4 Teaser letter/postcard and within 3 days 16 people order, grossing me £1,552.00. 


4. The mailing cost £320.00, meaning that I make a £1,232 profit.


5. This all took less than 5 minutes to set up.


6. I then select a further 4,000 people and 71 people order.


7. The mailing cost £1,280, meaning I make £5,607.00.


8. Again, this all took 5 minutes to set up.


This is what I’ve been doing now for most
weeks and it has enabled me to pay myself
£100,000 per year


I then do a mailing for another product and receive similar returns. I usually do three or more mailing campaigns a week for different products which bring in thousands of pounds every week.

Imagine being Mortgage Free… Loan Free… Debt Free… 


To be in such a privilege position of never having to worry about paying bills, no mortgage, no debt and living your life just as YOU want to – enjoying holidays whenever you want, pursuing a hobby, spending more time with family and friends ... however you wish to live your life – is a real privilege.


Recessions ... souring energy prices ... the cost of living …

Imagine NEVER having to worry about any of these again.

   This ‘dream’ lifestyle may seem like a lottery win away, but believe me it is far more realistic than winning the lottery – in fact, you could be in this position within weeks of owning this database.

    That’s right ... just a few weeks from now you could be living a lifestyle that just yesterday probably seemed like a million miles away.


Why should you want this database? … 


Simple answer really … it’s THE very reason why I banked more than £1.2million. Although the right products, sales literature and marketing are important, a customer database of some quantity spells the difference between success and failure.

     Now, just to be clear, this is a database of product buyers address and not email addresses. And before you say “not for me then Rob” just consider this …


90% Of my weekly income comes from direct mail as opposed to email marketing.


The open rate of email messages is now shockingly VERY low … I have a list of 50,000 email addresses and sometimes I only manage an embarrassing 900 opens. This is due to people being bombarded by email messages and spam filters getting more aggressive.

Direct mail has now become a hugely SUCCESSFUL method if you are selling products
online as well as offline

  It’s a secret that I and a few other very successful marketeers already know.

For example:

     Streetwise Marketing do most of their business from direct mail, and they turnover £10 million a year

     Andrew Reynolds attracted over 20,000 subscribers to his ‘Cash on Demand’ study course from direct marketing


Picture this… 


Imagine switching on your computer, going to your database and finding 5,000 eager customers waiting for your next product offer to drop through their letterbox …


And you can contact these 5,000 customers as often as you like, sending details of your products and all new products that you create or acquire …


From each mailing campaign, you’ll receive a minimum 1% response rate… and at times as high as 10% will be achieved.


    Look at the advantages of a customer database: 

*     No more renting other people's lists

*    No more costly list testing

*    No more poor performing list rentals

*    Offer new products to your customers as soon as you have them

*    Receive big response rates to high ticket priced

*    Get involved in profitable joint venture campaigns

*    Earn extra income from renting out the list to others

*    Promote Clickbank Products – this way you don’t need to have a product of your own


   Here are the 3 ways you can use this list of
        5,000 names to generate substantial income.


1. You do what I do, mail 5,000 names every 2 weeks with a different product offer, this brings in a very nice weekly income of between £3,400 and £10,000. 

 Get involved in Joint Ventures. This is where other businesses mail their offer to the list and you take a percentage of their profits – this can be 50% or more.


3. Select a product to promote from Clickbank. Create a simple A4 teaser letter directing people to the sales website via your affiliate link and post the letter to the database. You can do this on a weekly basis – again just as I do – to create a £2,000 - £3,000 income just from this one method. 


Save yourself years and take the fast-track  

route to information publishing riches 


Instead of spending months, if not years, building up a customer database, you can take over my customer list.


I’ve not rented a list for over 6 years, as this customer list provides all the orders I could ask for. It will continue to deliver orders for many years to come. There are thousands of customers just waiting to order from you! 


However, I’ll only be passing this database to TEN people. Once I’ve got TEN people in place, the offer will be closed.


Some of the UK'S most successful direct marketeers have rented my list. Many report that the response rate from my list was more than double the response they received from other 'so-called' quality lists.


The reason for this is that my buyers names are some of the freshest on the market - and I constantly add NEW names to the list every day.


The database contains every customer that has bought one or more of my products.

     Each genuine buyers name has been collect from late 2012 right up to new names that I've added to the list today.


If you are serious about wanting to become a millionaire from information publishing … if you really want to retire a millionaire as I have … then you couldn’t possibly get a better opportunity to fast-track your way there than you do now.

But before I tell you how much I’ve decided to charge for my customer database, I want to tell you about all the other exciting FREE BONUSES that I’m going to include:

     FREE BONUS #1: How To Write Sales Text That’ll Literally ‘Forces’ People To Buy Your Product. ( Normal Selling Price £67.00).


There is an art to writing compelling and persuasive sales text … text that has readers rushing to place an order. Michael Silk is one of the UK’s top copywriters who commands £10,000+ for writing sales copy. This step by step guide entitled ‘The Online Selling Secret’ takes you through all the different stages to writing sales text that can add hundreds of thousands to your bank account. You’ll be able to follow Michael as he constructs sales copy from scratch … and then apply the techniques to your sales copy.


           FREE BONUS #2: Michael Silk Secret Stash Collection Of 1,147 Proven Money Making Headlines. (Normal Selling Price £27.00).


If you desire to make the maximum money from your website or offline direct mail sales letter, you MUST become a master at writing attention-grabbing headlines. Nothing attracts a buyer more that a headline, and to generate cold, hard cash, here are a collect of 1,147 proven ‘winning’ headlines that you can adapt for any of your sales letters or website.


FREE BONUS #3: The Greatest Marketing Secrets Of The Ages. (Normal Selling Price £27.00).


There are ‘certain’ methods that you need to follow to become incredibly successful and rich from marketing. I always follow these methods in all my marketing and I’ve been making hundreds of thousands every year for the past 15 years! This ‘insider’ guide reveals ALL the methods that you need to follow.


FREE BONUS #4: 7 Hidden Psychological Secrets to MAXIMUM Sales. (Normal Selling Price £27.00).


Some more ‘insider’ secrets from some of the greatest marketing wizards of all time. These 7 secrets can be the difference between success and failure. Again, I apply all 7 to ALL my marketing and so should you!


FREE BONUS #5: All Of The Previous Bonuses Come With FULL Resell Rights


    You’ll get the most potent money-making information you’ll ever likely to lay your hands on … PLUS … a licence to make money from each of the bonus products.

     Just those FREE BONUSES alone have a normal selling price of £148.00 – and are worth much, much, more!

     Again, don’t worry …

     I’m not going to charge you anywhere near the true value for the 5,000 buyers names database and ALL the bonuses.

     You could spend £10,000, even £20,000 on marketing just to build up your own buyers database, and spend thousands more testing different marketing methods when the FREE BONUSES will provide you with all the marketing answers you require.

     It is difficult to put a value on this database as in reality it is the heart of any business. So rather than sell it to one of my competitors for around £10,000, I felt it only fair to offer it to you first.

     If you were to rent my 5,000 database for a single mailing it would cost £750.00! Now you can acquire the list to use as often as you like …

                    For Just £297.00.

Why Should You Order these 5,000

     £297.00 is, I feel, quite literally a steel for a genuine customer database from a fellow information publishing marketeer.

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     And the thing that makes this database so unique is that all the names are UK buyers, and all have actually bought one or more products - usually via PayPal.

     You’ll receive 5,000 of my most recent customers – these customers are the reason that I could semi-retire with £1.2million ... and ALL the FREE BONUSES.

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Very best regards,



     Robert Evans



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(C) Robert Evans

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